Willful ignorance and gleeful idiocy

Anyone who pays attention to global, national, regional or local news, or the gossip in their local social networks, or who possesses a modicum of self awareness knows that acting in our long term best interests is not something we humans unfailingly excel at.

But still, the modern online right is taking this foible to heights that are difficult to fathom by those of us who can still claim with some legitimacy to in the terrestrially anchored reality based community. I don’t want to provide links, but the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the Redstate bomb throwers are having near out of body experiences over the team researching the effects of global warming and climate change nearly died of exposure. It’s similar to the comments you might hear from a neighbor or someone next to you at the gas station during a snow storm: “Well, maybe this snow will shut up those ding-dang DFHs yapping about global warming!”

Of course, they have heard by now – but have deliberately and willfully ignored – that overall global warming can cause local and regional climate change and well as less stable and more chaotic weather patterns. This of course means that in some places at some times the weather will be cooler than was previously the pattern.

But what do so many on the right do? Do they look at changing weather patterns as evidence of human caused climate change or even – gasp! – global warming? No, they are ideologically and politically committed to absolutely refusing to believe in or even concede the remotest possibility of global climate change. So, even though it does nothing to prove their denials, they are gleeful and outright giddy at the prospect of a team of scientists dying in the arctic cold because they delusionally believe it shows that they are right.


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