Dr Strangemind: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the right’s downward spiral into the abyss of pure unadulterated bat shit crazy

It seems to be getting worse every day. The ranting and raving from the right, never particularly coherent or level headed at its best, has devolved into ever more egregious paranoia. Ramblings – still!? – that Obama is a secret Muslim and not really a citizen. Proclamations that we are a hair’s breadth away from socialism. Or fascism. Or both. At the same time.

Earnest assertions that we are bowing down, literally, to the Mooslums and are about to enact Sharia law right here in these united states. Calls to arms and declarations that we are no longer a free country. The looniest of the right wing loonies seem to have won the day in the fight over the future of the conservative movement and the Republican party.

Where are the sane conservatives? Where are the moderate Republicans? Hell, forget the moderate Republicans. Most of them were drummed out of the party long ago. Where are the Republicans who do not feel the need to genuflect to Rush Limbaugh? Who think Beck is whackadoo and Hannity is a moron?

Surely they must exist. Why don’t they speak up and try to take back their party? I’d guess they’d have a pretty good chance of defeating the loony toons who are getting all the intertubes recognition and teevee face time these days.

But, again my conflict. On the one hand I want them to reclaim their position and sound voices of opposition to the extremist fringe that is taking over their movement and party. But, on the other hand, I also think that if they were to do so, they’d stand a much better chance of arguing against Obama, and most importantly, his more progressive initiatives and leanings.

So, although in the long term I think a strong, rational and sane conservative and Republican opposition is actually good for the country because it forces liberals, progressives and Democrats to argue their case rather than count on being able to let their opposition constantly shoot themselves in the feet, for now I’m willing to let the wingnuts carry the day and cancel out the opposition.

After the last eight years we’re in serious need of corrective action. We need to be pulling Obama as far to the left as possible. After we make some headway back toward sane policies we can worry about hearing sane voices from the right.


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