too easy of a dismissal?

It’s certainly easy to make no end of fun of and dismiss conservatives and Republicans these days. But, while it’s all well and good to engage in a little schadenfreude, we progressives would do well to avoid just the kind of hubristic triumphalism our political and ideological adversaries were engaging in not too long ago at a time when our side of the street was not so drenched in sun.

For a long time, I’ve paid what sometimes seems inordinate attention to the rhetoric emanating from various quarters on the right. But researching the opposition is generally a worthwhile strategy that pays dividends. These dividends range from the obvious benefits that accrue from knowing what your adversaries are saying and doing to object lessons, both positive and negative.

Karl Rove erred in proclaiming a permanent Republican majority. Despite what seems to be convincing evidence of opposite trends, I do think it is good judgment to exercise caution in proclaiming final victory too soon. After all, in spite of the kookiness, this is serious.

Dave Johnson at Huffington Post presents a good argument:

We laughed then, too, and how did that work out? They took over the Presidency, the House and the Senate. Then they started wars. They tortured people. They appointed corporate lobbyists to run every agency. They filled the courts with Federalist Society judges that rule for the corporations and religious right every time. They stole billions — in one documented case actually having the Fed ship truckloads of pallets of hundred dollar bills directly to Iraq to be distributed to Bush cronies. They destroyed the economy of the world. And they worked hard to destroy the world itself — the arctic is melting, the fisheries are depleted, the resources are plundered… And they get away with it — who is being held accountable for any of that?


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