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A common recent refrain from many on the right in response to any criticism, or even any coverage, of Sarah Palin is that the criticism or even basic attention is proof positive that everyone to the left of Sean Hannity is shaking in their boots at the mere thought of the mighty moose hunter. This theme also now occurs in response to coverage of Louisiana governor and potential 2012 Republican candidate Bobby Jindal.

It must be a satisfying response. Those who engage in it can assure themselves that their champion flusters and even horrifies their opposition. It’s at the same time hopeful for their future and contemptuous of their adversaries. It presupposes that liberals, progressives, leftists and Democrats are nefariously working even today to undermine the great white hope of the Republican party and the conservative movement.

It shows that we on the left don’t fight fair, that we have to underhandedly cripple legitimate opposition ahead of time in a devious attempt to prevent a fair fight. Taking this position also allows conservatives Republicans to feel good about their potential candidates now and in the future. Yes. They will drink from the cup of victory in the future.

But. They don’t even have to wait till the next election to enjoy the suffering of their opponents. They can drink in the sweet tasting horror of their opponents right now. So, I understand why conservative Republicans would so desperately embrace the idea that everyone on the left is suffering great trepidation at the mere existence of a few humble salt of the earth “real Americans” on the right who we just know are going to clean our clocks unless we hamstring them right now. With the help of our friends in the lib’rul media of course.

But, while it may palliate the stings of their recent and ongoing rejections at the hands of the American people, this is a dangerous drink for the conservative Republicans to imbibe. It closes them ever more completely in their cocoon, dragging them deeper into their already profound stupor of self delusion and denial.

We on the left are happy to point to the extremist raving of people like Palin and Jindal not because we fear them. Many of us are desperately hoping that those two are in fact on the Republican ticket the next time around. We understand that they are on the fringe of American public opinion. We understand that, should the Republicans cater again to the rightwing of their party and front either or both of these two, they will lose again.

They will not just lose the race for the presidency, but they will lose much ground in congress, they will lose governorships and they will lose in the state legislatures. There won’t even be many Republican dog catchers left if they go this route.

So, let them think we fear the likes of Palin and Jindal. The louder they whistle, the less chance they have of noticing their own names on the big stones in the yard they’re walking through.



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23 responses to “the boneyard

  1. I am a moderate conservative Independent…

    interesting, your diatribe on your fellow americans… as if they are all terrorist redneck racist constitution hugging gun toting extremist ignorant goon squaders…

    been on the planet long?

    welcome to earth, dear.

    And Obama & Co, in my opinion of course, it even worse than Bush & Co.

    Feel free to play your partisan games… I want what is best for the country and both parties can go screw.

    • blahgblog

      Uh, that’s quite a case of projection you display.

      Where exactly do I call all conservatives “terrorist redneck racist constitution hugging gun toting extremist ignorant goon squaders…”?

      Of course, I don’t. If you read my other posts, you’ll see that I limit my attacks on the extremists who seem all too prominent in your movement and the Republican party these days.

      Your condescension does not improve your credibility.

      As for slamming “Obama & Co” and then calling me out for playing partisan games, that’s priceless.

      Do you call out republicans and fellow conservatives for their partisan attacks?

      I am interested in debate, you appear to prefer insult. If I’m wrong about that, please respond without the faux outrage and condescension.

    • You are far from moderate. In fact if you’re moderate, I dare say the extreme right-wing has fallen off the right edge of the universe itself. I looked at your blog. You watch Faux News all day don’t you? I’m sorry, but anyone who can’t see through the lies, lacks critical thinking skills.

      I don’t give a damn about your personal opinions or what party you vote for. I like the TRUTH and it’s sorely lacking from a majority of the Republicans, and half the Democrats lack the backbone to do anything about it. TRUTH makes it possible to have dialogue. Lies are only good for subterfuge and distraction.

      Besides unthinking drones, I don’t like people who excuse war crimes like torture. Maybe you’d like to be waterboarded? Maybe you’d do it for charity like Hannity said he would? We need to get some pledgers together for this charity-reality TV show, I think it’ll be a hit. Maybe we can get someone like Simon Cowell from American Idol to host it.

      I tell you what, you guys need to get the persecution complex chip off your shoulder and cut it with the divisive partisan tactics. You complain about partisan tactics, but your blog is nothing but partisan drivel of the kind I can watch on Faux News if I so wanted said drivel. There’s no dialogue in that.

      • blahgblog

        it’s actually sad but our criticism of the extreme rightward lunge of the Republicans and conservatives will only serve to confirm the true believers’ faith in their increasingly fringe dwelling extremism…

  2. feel free to drop by my blog… it is very active comment wise and needs more liberals to balance out the debating scales. but dont bother if you are going to wage personal attacks on people… keep to the issues and the politicians.

  3. blahgblog


    First, read my post after this one about right wingers at openly hoping for a mass casualty attack on a “blue city in a blue state” that still has not been taken down or refuted by anyone over there. If you get all upset about my supposed partisan attack, what is your response to conservatives hoping for the deaths of “blue” Americans?

    Second, I did visit your site — you claim Obama is not a citizen and that he is leading us to socialism. I think you falsely characterize yourself when you claim to be a moderate, those beliefs place you far far on the fringe.

    And your vitriol seems reserved for Democrats and anyone to the left of Dick Cheney.

    You prove my point about how far out the mainstream conservatives and Republicans are. You manufactured outrage over things I never said. You projected your tactics onto me.

    Again, it might make you feel good, but more and more Americans see through it and reject it.

  4. lol what would a Left Wing Extremist know about moderates? ROFL

    Define a left of center moderate and a right of center moderate.

    And I have often been characterized as Extremely Moderate! hahahahaha

    Think moderates don’t have opinions? You don’t know the people I hang out with very well!

    I am an out and proud Moderate and say what I think…


    • blahgblog

      um, again, you’re clearly no moderate. you actually believe obama is not really a citizen and that he’s a socialist. that’s fringe, rightwing conspiracy theorist territory.

      you asked me to visit your extreme rightwing blog but warned me against partisan comments but you have no compunctions about slinging partisan insults here.

      that’s fine. it proves my point and shows you to be the partisan extremist that you are.

      but again, that is also fine. your claims of ‘extreme moderation’ aside, you are on the far right side of the room. your voice and ones like it now represent the Republican party and the conservative movement and that translates into very bad news for the Republicans and conservatives because it will lead to continued rejection at the ballot box.

    • blahgblog

      also, i note that you haven’t responded to my question about your reaction to the rightwing sociopath who openly called for a mass casualty attack against a ‘blue city in a blue state’ that the site admins at left up, despite their predilection for deleting comments they don’t like.

  5. oh… and a sure sign of a debate challenged individual is resporting personal attacking and name calling and partisan characterizations… when that is trotted out it is the signal the debate was lost.
    It is not who can be the most creative with personal attacks on the debate opponent… it is scoring on making points of fact.

    We carry on debates at my blog, which is heavly commented by both left and right wingers and moderates of shades of red and blue…

    but if you come there, come armed with facts and intellect… else you will get thy debating butt handed back to you in a bag! ROFL

    • blahgblog

      you call me a ‘left wing extremist’ and then claim that name calling is a sign of poor debating skills.

      so is utter lack of self awareness.

      a look at your site shows it is crawling with right wing extremists, conspiracy theorists and people in such a deep state of denial that they think they’re in the majority.

      you can keep your echo chamber. the delusional pontificating is deafening.

  6. Interesting that you are professing that you believe the term “left wing extremist” to be a pejorative. hehehe

    So what is the deal with that?

    Are you not a “left wing extremist?”

    or is it that you don’t like being correctly labeled?

    that you imply that I am extreme right-wing is also interesting… wrong but interesting.

    and I do not take it as a pejorative

    nothing bad about conservatism lol

    • blahgblog

      now you’re just being pedantic. you clearly used the term ‘left wing extremist’ as an insult after you said using insults was evidence of poor debating skills. your hypocrisy and lack of self awareness is as amusing as it is self implicating.

      and i do not imply that you are a right wing extremist, i state it outright. for the third time, the clear evidence of that fact is that you believe obama is not a citizen and that he is a socialist. it appears that it is you who are averse to being correctly labeled.

      i agree that conservatism is a legitimate ideology and worldview to hold. it is not my worldview, but i can respect people who are conservative.

      in fact, i think deliberative democracies work best when there is, ya know, deliberation. that being said, there is a difference between conservatism and right wing extremism of the sort you espouse.

      you are clearly not interested in civic deliberation but instead prefer to insult and attempt to dismiss anyone who does not agree with you. that is of course your prerogative. but, really, you just embarrass yourself when you try to hide behind the cloak of moderation.

      again, please explain how your beliefs that obama is a socialist and not a citizen are moderate…

  7. citizenship… a matter of deduction

    Why would a native born American citizen spend over $1,000,000 dollars of his campaign contributions on lawyers to avoid proving he is a natural born citizen?

    Are you a terrorist sympathizer?

    just curious

    • blahgblog

      you still question obama’s citizenship.

      you’re a rightwing extremist.


      you ask if i’m a ‘terrorist symathizer.’

      you are not interested in rational debate but instead are just here to engage in partisan bomb throwing.


      this is a place for rational debate, not juvenile insults and hack troll posting. if you cannot restrain yourself from irrational tactics and childish insults, please stop posting here.

      • since when is asking questions trolling, dear?

        you can simply answer no or yes or none of my business…

        and you avoided my other question I see.

        Why would a native born American citizen spend over $1,000,000 dollars of his campaign contributions on lawyers to avoid proving he is a natural born citizen?

      • And I have run across terrorist sympathizing left wingers… since I don’t really know you and you are calling pouring water on them so-called torture, I merely wish to frame your defense of Pelosi’s sudden affront to something she bought off on in 2002…

        and if you wish I stop talking with you just say so… and I will go else where.

      • blahgblog

        ‘dear’? really? okay, whatever.

        he had to spend money to defend himself against the ridiculous nuisance lawsuits. factcheck has handily smacked down your silly little conspiracy theory:

        i’m all for you rightwingers going the way of the birchers. again.

        your questioning whether i am a ‘terrorist sympathizer’ is obvious troll hackery and your disingenuous protestation of innocence is as ridiculous as your conspiracy theory about obama’s citizenship and your accusation that he is a socialist.

        again, if you are unable to engage in rational debate, please stop posting here.

  8. and yeah… dont fear Sarah Palin!!!

    Wink! Wink!
    You Betcha!

    • blahgblog

      oh, believe me — i don’t. i really really hope she is your nominee in 2012.

      • We agree on something!

        I hope you have a decent nominee in 2012…

        Obama will have either been impeached for fraud re:citizenship or ostricized by the country for being a hell bent all out Socialist destroyer of the economy with his borrow and spend pigzilla-athon…

  9. is a well know left wing website who is in the tank for Obama. So much for their bias spin.

    Obama is avoiding proving he is a natural born citizen as is evidenced by his spending over 1 million dollars on lawyers to avoid proving he is a natural born citizen.

    That he is misappropriating campaign contributions to pay for it is being investigated… and the lefties made a stink about 150k spent on campaigning cloths for Sarah which were returned for donations for charity.

    Your excuse that factcheck gave Obama a pass on a doctored COLB is not going to float… and does not float.

    The man is obviously a fraud.

    That he is a socialist is crystal clear. There is no getting around it. You can protest that he is not… you can do anything you want… nothing changes the character of his policies and actions in his first hundred days.

    And, I would postulate you are not an independent thinker at all… rather, you are a party hack bent on a very narrow view.

    Oh, and I give Obama high marks on keeping 50 thousand troops in Iraq and sending 27 troops to the Afghan war… what he will do with regards to Pakistan is yet to be determined.

    I can see you have no means of answering my question about him avoiding proving his citizenship, and indeed there is no defense.

    That you resort to attacks on me is proof I am dealing with a light weight.

    Ok, I will leave you alone. It is obvious you are not up to the task of debate.

    See ya!

    • blahgblog

      good riddance. your unsubstantiated partisan attacks will not be missed.

      when confronted with facts that disprove your, frankly, insane conspiracy theory, you dismiss the facts out of hand by claiming they have a liberal bias. and you do this of course without providing any support for your assertion that is biased.

      the organization presents facts that show you are wrong, so in your mind, ipso facto, they are biased against you. you appear to have a persecution complex, like so many on the bircherite right. do you also believe there is a war on xmas and that christians are the most discriminated against group in america?

      you again assert, also with no mere facts to back up your claim, that it is ‘crystal clear’ that he is a socialist. i doubt you have any real idea what defines a socialist but have instead just swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the latest republican talking points about how to attack obama.

      because i don’t completely agree with you, you state that i cannot be an independent thinker and am just an automaton, unthinkingly regurgitating party talking points.

      as i said in a previous comment, that’s quite a case of projection you are displaying. I have many criticisms of obama and his policies. but mine don’t involve fantastical conspiracy theories and misunderstood notions of political economy.

      thank you for leaving.

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