Teh crazy, it burns!

You’d think that the folks at Redstate.com, being denizens of the web, would try backing off making up stoopid lies. But, then you would be giving away the fact that you expect them to act with a modicum of respect for the themselves, their readers and the truth. Which, of course, is crazy:

You might think it should be obvious that terrorists should not be given the same rights as the troops who defend us from them. But then again, you might think there’d be no reason to resettle terrorists in the U.S., or to give them welfare benefits. You’d be wrong

dday at Hullabaloo has a nice takedown of teh crazy.

How desperate do Republicans and right wingers have to be to make up such silly lies like the Obama administration wants to “settle” terrorists in your neighborhood and “give them welfare benefits”? That is beyond mere hyperbole and bombastic rhetoric. It’s just plain crazy. I’m talking full blown paranoia here.

Who do they think they’re going to win over with these kind of transparently ridiculous and laughable attempts at smears? Okay, granted. There are people, probably a large contingent of Redstate readers among them, who actually do believe this is exactly what the Democrats are planning to do. They are ready and willing to believe that Barack Obama’s highest personal ambition is to set KSM up with a section 8 mansion right next door to their grandmother’s house.

But this is a very small percentage of the American people because most of us are in fact not clinically insane. And the people who do believe this lunacy are already pretty much on board with the extremist right wing agenda. Others, even those who don’t much like Obama, Democrats, liberals or anyone to the left of William F Buckley, are not going to be swayed by this nonsense. In fact, although I don’t have the figures to say for sure, I’d be willing to bet that more than 90% of Americans either fall out of their chairs laughing at this crapola or just quietly shake their heads in sadness and pity.

The bottom line is that this utterly loco silliness hurts far far more than it could possibly ever help the Republican party and conservatives. I honestly do not understand how the people who peddle foolishness like this think they are helping their cause. At some point I have to think that a majority of Republicans and conservatives will come to their senses enough to realize that this is unhelpful. Clearly, that realization has not set in yet.

Update: The realization most certainly has not set in yet. They’re doubling down on teh crazy with another post. We held German POWs, among them hardcore nazis, in the US during world war 2. But, as dday at Hullabaloo notes in the link above, these geniuses think terrorists are a bigger threat than the third reich.

Update II: Wow. Just freaking wow. Now they’ve put up yet another post. This one with an embedded video ad from the Republican savants in congress, complete with scary music and — I’m not kidding — footage of the 9/11 attacks. Yes, conservative Republicans are showing footage of the planes slamming into the towers in a political commercial. And, as the sages at Redstate note, they actually believe it’s a winning issue for them. They also link to the congressional Republican’s website on the issue. What’s more, the scummy Republican website co opts the Never Again phrase used to remember the Holocaust.



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3 responses to “Teh crazy, it burns!

  1. Refresh my memory — did Luftwaffe bombers ever strike New York City or Washington, DC?

    I’ll wait while you google the interweb.

  2. P.S. Speaking of enemy combatants and Nazis, here’s how the U.S. dealt with them during WWII.

    According to the Geneva Conventions, they were entitled to a blindfold and a cigarette. Much cheaper than re-locating them to Colorado.

    • blahgblog

      okay, so you imply that i need to use google because, supposedly, i don’t have the facts and then you link to a google books search.

      do you see the irony?

      german agents were active in sabotage in the us. and we also kept japanese pows — not just americans of japanese descent — in jails.

      of course we executed some pows. but are you seriously suggesting we executed all pows?

      are you further suggesting that the geneva conventions allows execution of all pows?

      if so, i’d suggest that you do some googling of the intertubes yourself because you are very mistaken on both counts.

      and is your first point that the third reich was less of a threat because they weren’t able to fulfill their plans to attack us on american soil? are you seriously agreeing that the nazis were less of a threat than al qeada?

      as i note in my post, i think that seriously misunderstands the nature of the two threats and shows a fundamental lack of perspective.

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