the way forward for the left

I, like so many others, have been having a lot of fun mocking the right for their lack of substantive ideas and their run of astonishingly bad choices in the wake of the last election. And I’m not about to stop.

However, there has to be more than that or else, like so called ‘intelligent design‘ and creationism, it just amounts to poking holes, or trying to, in an opposing position and hoping that by default, my argument wins. That doesn’t mean I’m swearing off criticizing the right. Far from it. In addition to still noting their rhetorical ineptitude, I will continue criticizing their positions.

But it also means I will criticize the Obama administration when warranted. The right’s hack Obama as messiah meme aside, that is an area where liberals, progressives and the left have the right beat by miles. Speaking generally of course, we tend to be better at self reflection and criticism while the right tends much more toward toeing the party line and not criticizing their leaders.

You’re either with us or against us

I believe that this stems from the fact, as many have noted, that the rightwing in America today is far better described as authoritarian rather than truly conservative. And despite the currently fashionable, though unbelievably ignorant, penchant for many on the right to conflate liberalism or socialism and fascism, the left is generally very well described as anti authoritarian.

As such, I will not hesitate to criticize Obama from the left. Many rightwingers will no doubt misunderstand this as some sort of disillusionment with what they take to be my god like hero. It always amazes me that they project so much of themselves onto liberals, progressives and other left of center types when they claim that someone on the left must, by definition, be a hero to us.

They are the ones who are generally unable to stand any criticism of their dear leaders. They just assume the same is true for us. Another thing they get wrong.


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