Complete lack of self awareness

The other day I noted, as have many others, that many right wingers in America today are better described as authoritarian rather than truly conservative. Many right wingers are in fact radical in the positions they take and the policies they advocate. But that is a subject for another post.

One of the characteristics of authoritarians put forth in the link above is a near total lack of self awareness and reflection. This characteristic finds expression multiple times a day in the right wing echo chamber but I just want to briefly note an example that occurred today at one of my favorite trolling destinations, one I have written about with some frequency here:

The posters and commenters have been breathlessly attempting to hype a joke about Miss California Carrie Prejean by Obama adviser David Axelrod into some sort of Democratic Macaca moment. Axelrod was on NPR’s “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me” and, when asked if he gave advice on the Obama’s new dog’s name, said he was only called in on the last three “and one was Miss California.”

This most recently caused the would be Republican party saviors to write a post with this headline: “Obama’s punk, #1 advisor says Christian women are dogs.” A completely rational response, no? Well, the commenters get themselves into a lather defending women against the nasty misogynistic Democrats and leftists.

It’s all the standard faux outrage we have grown accustomed to since the right wingers and Republicans began casting about for an issue, any issue, to try to score political points since their ignominious defeat last November.

But then came the clincher. It was in response to this question from a redstate stalwart:

I would like to point out something that has apparently been missed…
Aaron Gardner Monday, May 18th at 9:53PM EDT
Axelrod *repeated* that “Miss California” was one of three names that he was called in to consult on….meaning the original inference came from either Michelle or Barrack themselves.

So maybe we should be asking President Obama why he believes that a Christian Conservative woman is equatable to a dog as well.

A commenter, whose hope for terrorist attacks on “blue cities in blue states” I quoted before, let fly with this little gem from the campaign:

Well, he is married to one, and at least she claims
Tbone Monday, May 18th at 10:25PM EDT
a Christian affiliation.

Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right.

(The last line is this posters signature, appearing in all his posts. It neatly exemplifies the type of eliminationist rhetoric David Neiwart writes about in his latest book.)

Rather than call him out for the same offense that had the redstaters so exercised, the stalwart commenter “Tbone” was responding to and another frequent commenter show their approbation:

Tbone…she certainly doesn’t claim to be conservative though…lol…nt
Aaron Gardner Monday, May 18th at 10:32PM EDT

Aaron’s Archive

conform and celebrate diversity….or else!!!

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ZING….which just goes to show….
JadedByPolitics Monday, May 18th at 10:34PM EDT
when you are pointing a finger you have three pointing back at yourself! Obama has shown absolutely ZERO respect for women and it continue’s even though “he won”!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy

(Note also that JadedByPolitics’ signature also confirms Neiwart’s thesis.)

So, in the minds of the commenters and site administrators at redstate, hoping for “blue” Americans to be murdered by terrorists is not a problem, a joke about naming a dog after Carrie Prejean is cause for extreme moral outrage and prompts calls for Obama himself to apologize and, to cap it all off, calling Michelle Obama a dog and implying she is a fake christian is funny funny.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: and they wonder why they keep losing?

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