Republican racist trifecta


Not these three geniuses.

I’m talking about good ole fashioned white racism directed at black people (despite, of course, Barack Obama’s mixed racial makeup…)

In South Carolina, a Republican party “activist” calls an escaped gorilla an ancestor of Michelle Obama.

And again in South Carolina, a Republican party “strategist” tweets that Obama is going to tax aspirin “because it’s white and it works.”

And in Tennessee, a Republican “administrative assistant” sends out a picture of all 44 presidents, with the slot for Obama nothing more than a dark screen with only two eyes visible.

But don’t you dare call them racist. That’s just mean of you…

Note: This post corrects the error in the earlier version in which I wrote that the South Carolina “activist,” Rusty Depass, was from Wisconsin.

Update: The South Carolina state NAACP isn’t accepting the non apology from Rusty Depass concerning his goriall as Michelle Obama ancestor “jest.”


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