Sadly, No! reports on more rightwing patriots hoping for attacks on America

These rightwingers are so patriotic and they love America so much that they’re hoping to see another catastrophic terrorist attack that kills vast numbers of Americans. It’s the only way to save us, of course.

Kinda like hitting rock bottom, I suppose. Anyway, you know these rightwingers only say this because they, unlike the DFHs, truly love love love America. And they hope for more terrorist attacks killing untold numbers of Americans because it’s the only thing that will save America.

If it sounds complicated or crazy or, you know, even like rooting for the enemy, then you are not sufficiently patriotic to understand that sometimes you have to nuke a city to save it and kill maybe even millions of Americans in order to save them.

In short, you are a leftwing scumbag and you don’t get to speak on such sage matters that these patriots understand better than you do.

The poster at Hot Air who Sadly, No! link to, Allahpundit, is mocking Beck and Scheuer. In the process, he mischaracterizes leftwing opposition to the Iraq war which is, I suppose, to be expected. But at least he’s not endorsing the Beck/Scheuer craziness.

Most of the Hot Air commenters, however, are not amused.

The clincher comes at 10:32 pm, July 1. As Sadly, No! quotes:

I hate to say this, but if there is going to be another terrorist attack (however, I think that Obama is a terrorist attack)I hope it happens in Washington D.C.

We have friends there and I told them to get their animals out of there to be safe and prepare.

I hope all these evil politicians are taken out. There, I said it. I have had it. This is not what this Country was formed on and what it’s all about. If it can’t be Washington, D.C. then please let it be San Francisco.

suzyk on July 1, 2009 at 10:32 PM

[As of Thursday morning, July 3, this comment is still up at Hot Air]

Update: Linkins at Huffington Post writes about Jon Stewart’s take on it.



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3 responses to “Sadly, No! reports on more rightwing patriots hoping for attacks on America

  1. Dave

    This is getting very close to sedition.


    Very scary.

    • blahgblog

      i was going to write that sedition involves some sort of action other than speech that constitutes or incites insurrection, but all the dictionaries and reference works i checked were along the lines of this entry from the online concise oxford english dictionary:

      conduct or speech inciting rebellion against the authority of a state or monarch.

      now, i’m sure the most fringe dwelling of the current batch of rightwingers would latch on to the monarch part to accuse obama of napoleonesque ambition in an effort to justify their extremism, but most would not go that far.

      still, they condone such extreme speech by their silence and, when the ‘lone wolf’ whacko takes action, they try to wash their hands of it all.

      i’m sure we can imagine how they would have reacted if a leftwinger went one tenth as far as this during the administration of bush the lesser…

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