That damn liberal media: ABC’s Tapper joined rightwing hacks in carrying water for Sanford

TPM today adds to their post yesterday, via South Carolina’s The State about the media lib’ruls ruining our democracy.

A slew of rightwingers, from Fox News to, offered encouragement and interviews on “friendly ground.” Nothing surprising there.

What should be surprising, but sadly isn’t, is that ABC hack Jake Tapper joined in. Here is TPM’s annotated quote from The State:

ABC News White House reporter Jake Tapper e-mailed Sawyer twice on June 23, both to note coverage of competitor NBC.

With a subject line of “NBC spot was slimy,” Tapper e-mailed Sawyer a “Today” show transcript of Sanford coverage, calling it “insulting.” Later, Tapper forwarded Sawyer a Twitter post [this one — TPMmuckraker] by “Meet The Press” host David Gregory.

Jeff Schneider, a vice president at ABC News, said Tapper was “carrying some water for producers who knew he had a relationship with the governor’s office.”

Again, sad but not surprising. And another case of people not understanding the intertoobz.

[Note: this version is updated and correctly gives Tapper’s first name as Jake, not Jack.]


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