It’s okay to call for the Taliban to kill a soldier taken hostage if you’re a rightwinger

No, really. Retired Lt Col Ralph Peters says so on Fox News.

Think Progress has the story:

I want to be clear. If, when the facts are in, we find out that through some convoluted chain of events, he really was captured by the Taliban, I’m with him. But, if he walked away from his post and his buddies in wartime, I don’t care how hard it sounds, as far as I’m concerned, the Taliban can save us a lot of legal hassles and legal bills.

And, fresh off declaring they have an exclusive monopoly on the Real America, our uber patriotic friends at are ranting about taxation without representation and wringing their hands about the possible consequences of the Obama administration’s near pitch perfect reprise of the intolerable Acts perpetrated on the colonials by Great Britain:

Congress is Taxation Without Representation
It isn’t irrevocably broken, but it’s well on its way.
Posted by Warner Todd Huston (Profile)
Monday, July 20th at 4:59AM EDT
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We are speeding headlong toward a time when our Congress will have become just like Mad King George’s Parliament, that body from which in 1776 the American colonists separated with the rallying cry of “no taxation without representation.” Our national government is fast becoming just as unrepresentative of the people as far off Briton [sic] was when we went to war to become the United States of America.

Does that seem like a hyperbolic statement to you? At first blush, it might. But a considered look at the direction in which we are quickly heading will prove that, compared to the British Parliament that raised the ire of our forefathers so long ago, today’s Congress shows many signs of the same, oppressive, haughty, disinterested politicians that considered their national government more important than the local’s interests and needs.

Representation is the key word, here. What does it mean?

The poster uses the word “uppity” “haughty” at least four times in the post.

He then goes on to decry, as posters and commenters at are in the habit of doing, the 17th amendment, the one entitled “Popular Election of Senators” and that begins “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, elected by the people thereof…”

He prefers the previous method by which senators were selected by state legislatures. Much more democratic, y’see?

Then we have our friendly neighborhood rightwing Cassandra, Glenn Beck, wringing his completely blood free hands about boiling cauldrons of rightwing hate stirred up by those durn lib’ruls.

But, remember, they are the patriots. They are the Real Americans. When they call for the Taliban to execute a captured soldier, it’s for the soldier’s own good.

When they say the current administration’s policies is just a hair’s breadth away from revolutionary era British oppression, they are speaking for the good of democracy.

When they call for taking the election out of the hands of the people, they are actually just trying to increase democracy.

When they blame lib’ruls for extremist rightwing paranoia, they are just hating the sin of liberalism while hoping for the redemption of the Dirty Fucking Hippie sinners.

It’s a rightwing thing. If you don’t understand, you’re just an overeducated elitist snob and a fake American.

You need to STFU while the real Americans start fixing the mess Obama has thrown us into over the last eight months and restore the tranquil utopia we all remember so fondly under the reign of Bush the Lesser.

If you have the stomach for it, read the comments in the posts I link to. They’re even crazier — and, so, more patriotic and real American — than the original posts. Reading them is enlightening and disillusioning at the same time.

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