dangerously tapping into deepseated fear and loathing

Healthcare by itself is an important and emotional issue, there is more to the deep rage people are unleashing at townhall meetings and elsewhere.

Maybe not all, but a lot — in fact, what I would guess to be the vast majority — of the rage is fueled by reaction to the last election.

Quite simply, a lot of white racists cannot handle the fact that the era of exclusively white presidents is over. Gone forever.

And these people often — usually — are not exactly reaping the vast rewards the economy lavishes on those who encourage them. They might not have progressed as far as others up the social economic ladder.

But one thing they could always tell themselves used to be that at least, just by the grace of god and the hue of their skin, they were better than whole groups of others. Others who were just as marked with inferiority by the hue of their skin as these “hard working real Americans” were marked with clear, uncontestable superiority by the lighter hue of theirs.

But then came “The One.”

They have been trying to mock and delegitimize him since before the election. As their efforts at mocking and challenging the validity of his very presidency have brought on defeat and derision, not to mention laughter and ridicule, they have grown angrier.

For the most extreme of them, it is simply impossible for President Barack Hussein Obama to exist in their world. One of them must be destroyed.

Either their world view and sense of self — their very psyche — goes or Obama does. The two cannot coexist. Thankfully, most will adjust, if only the least amount necessary. But I’m afraid that some will not be able to cope.

Those who encourage the lunatics to turn to violence must bear their share of the responsibility for what happens. And there will be some in the corporate media who ask the tough questions, as a few already have been.

But most will be shocked — shocked!! — that violence could have ever resulted from their words or those of their colleagues…


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