they have their own facts

Think Progress has a piece up discussing the recent NBC/WSJ poll showing how misinformed, thanks to Fox, Republicans and rightwingers are concerning the health care debate.

Though they may truly and passionately believe their talking points with every fiber of their being, that does not mean that what they believe so ardently is actually so.

It isn’t so.

But, by and large, these are people who have a strong predisposition to disregarding facts that don’t comport with their already held ‘gut feelings,’ no matter how plainly and obviously the facts disprove their feelings.

Trying to engage people who are this far gone in rational debate is, as Barney Frank demonstrates, is a waste of time.

Take off the gloves. Ridicule and mock them. Tell it like it is.

Huge landmark reforms like social security, medicare, medicaid — not to mention civil rights — were not passed on the back of wonky policy details. Those are important but they come after the first step.

The first step is making one thing clear: this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it. Accepting continuation of the status quo is morally bankrupt.

Everything else follows from this.


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