jumping the shark meets fuoridation paranoia

Disparaging democracy is no longer enough.

Shouting down and calling for an end to the socialistic mollycoddling of people in wheelchairs is no longer enough.

All of the other right wing hysteria and paranoia no longer gives the rightwingers and Republicans that rush they got the first time they yelled that Obama is a Muslim and is not a citizen.

Like the addict going down a bad road, the rightwingers and Republicans need to start using the harder stuff. Now they’re spiking themselves with a much purer, unadulterated variety of craziness:

Obama is gonna grab your kids.

These nutcases are, in all seriousness (or at least such as they can muster), are tearing out their hair and planning to pull their kids from the “government schools” because Obama is planning an address to the kids telling them to study hard, stay in school and work to give back to society.

It’s just exactly what Hitler did. And Mao. And King Richard.

I’m just waiting for the new round of nuttery concerning fluoridation sapping our precious bodily fluids.

They think they have already won the health care fight. They truly believe, notwithstanding recent elections, that most Americans support their extremism. They think they have come out of the wilderness and are poised to “take back their country.”

They are wrong. I believe they will be seen to have lost the health care debate when all is said and done. People do not support their reactionary extremism. They are not about to skate back into electoral success.

But they don’t believe that and refuse to consider it as even a remote possibility. Which, from my perspective, is a Very Good Thing.

Laboring under the delusion that they are the vanguard of a popular uprising, they will grossly overreach. First they will do so on minor tactical issues like this. But, soon enough, they will do so on a much larger scale.

The coming immigration reform debate comes to mind as a possibility.

They are setting themselves up to fail both miserably and publicly. While that will be amusing to watch, it will also be somewhat concerning. Such an eventuality will only serve to drive them deeper into delusion, paranoia and, potentially, violent actions.

p.s. At least one rightwinger isn’t chasing his own tail.


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