they still don’t see the archive

TPM has a story about the number of schools that won’t be showing the evil indoctrination into socialism/fascism (sic) that our Dear Leader will be inflicting on the nation’s schoolchildren.

Again, they forget that the internet is an archive as well as an information distribution venue. Their words and actions are being recorded for easy and widespread future access.

Despite their current predicament, the rightwingers and Republicans will probably have one of their own in office again. We know that something like 98% of elected Democrats are too timid to do anything, but does anyone seriously think independent groups will not be reminding them of their current craziness?

Geese and ganders…?

Update: Crooks and Liars has a good piece up about the fatuous Jim Greer, the Florida Republican who came out so strongly against teh evil indoctrination.

It includes a link to this piece by Steve Benin who points out that Greer used to really indoctrinate the school kids, even telling what I’m sure were hilarious Hillary Clinton jokes.


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