Fox News producer caught on film rallying 9/12 protesters

This is from Media Matters, also linked to on Huffington Post.

Here’s a video of a Fox “news” producer rallying a crowd off camera at the 9/12 protest. Follow the links above for longer versions of both the behind the scene shot of the producer hyping up the crowd and of the clip as it looked to Fox “news” viewers.

The only shocking thing about this is that it’s not particularly shocking. Could anyone honestly be surprised by this?

The producer first ducks out of the shot when she realizes she’s being filmed. She continues waving her arm at the crowd even while crouching and trying to stay out of view but then stop even trying to hide and stands back up, all the while still rallying the people behind the reporter.

Here’s what the Huffington Post reports about the reaction of Fox “News”

“The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced associate producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined,” Bryan Boughton, Fox News Channel Washington Bureau Chief told the Huffington Post.

I suspect if she was “disciplined,” it was not for rallying the crowd, but for getting caught doing it on film.

The Fox “news reporter” starts his segment praising the diversity of the crowd, including saying “…they’re black, they’re white…” You can watch a lot of video of the protest, including on Fox and CSPAN and still see few — if any — non white protesters.

At the end of the clip, the “news reporters” tells Glenn Beck that the crowd credits him”

“This is, as best [as] I can describe it, a absolute grassroots movement. And this is an uprising. We’re at the beginning of a political movement. And the credit you.”

As Media Matters notes, Fox News was hyping the 9/12 protest heavily.

And they are now running ads criticizing other outlets for not also hyping the 9/12 protest.



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10 responses to “Fox News producer caught on film rallying 9/12 protesters

  1. I like the Fox News Channel myself. I like the idea of knowing what is going on within our country and our government. Apparently, you don’t want to by the tone of this article. I know, Fox News has the craziest reporters on the airwaves….right?? Well, they are the ones who brought the truth out about Van Jones and ACORN. I would say they are more trustworthy than any other News Channels on the airwaves today.

    • blahgblog

      Sadly, when presented with undeniable evidence that a Fox “news” producer was acting like a cheerleader for political purposes, you simply reject it.

      Like so many Fox viewers, you prefer fiction to facts.

      You find it “trustworthy” because it reinforces you pre existing beliefs.

      Glenn Beck and the other right wing partisans at Fox hype and distort the Jones and ACORN videos, even presenting as real the mocking claim by one employee that she killed an ex husband.

      Did you know that’s not true and she was playing with the people trying to conduct a sting? You probably won’t hear about that on Fox.

      But that’s fine with you because you don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fit with your beliefs.

  2. Distort Jones and videos?? Why did Jones decide to resign for then?? I know, it was a “Smear Campaign against him”. Right??
    Videos, ACORN…said they were doctored films and they were going to sue these young film makers and Fox….at first. And how funny, for Bertha Lewis from ACORN…said those same words Jones used, a “Smear Campaign” against ACORN. But, today on Fox…Bertha Lewis thanked these young film makers…bringing to their attention these bad workers of theirs. Now they are going to do an Internal Investigation of ACORN. Why is ACORN and Bertha Lewis changing their opposition on it then??
    It seems to me, where ever you are getting your News from isn’t to reliable…for you sure aren’t up to date on your facts either. MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, isn’t all that reliable. They are all for the Democrats. Of course they aren’t going to give you anything bad on them. But they can sure put out the dirt on Republicans!!! Remember, CBS fired Dan Rather for falsifing a news report on George Bush. Which Fox reporter has been fired for falsifing a news report??

    • blahgblog

      Well, Fox would never fire anyone for falsifying info — that’s what they do. That’s what this producer was doing by hyping up the crowd.

      I notice you don’t respond to — or even acknowledge — that assertion in my post. Do you think she was acting improperly?

      I wonder why you didn’t respond to my question about the fact that Fox aired as true an obvious act of mockery by the ACORN employee in California. Do you even know about this?

      Jones resigned because the smear campaign against him was getting in the way of doing his job. I wish he hadn’t, but that’s not my decision.

      Lewis acknowledged that the other ACORN employees acted improperly and fired them. But that doesn’t mean that Fox isn’t hyping the misdeeds of a few employees to try to smear the whole organization. That is exactly what Fox is doing.

      Please supply some evidence for your claim that I am not up to date on the facts? Which facts do I get wrong and how can you prove I get them wrong.

      You’re doing what Fox and so many rightwingers and Republicans do — making a lot of accusations without providing evidence to support your claims.

  3. You just indeed admitted to knowing Fox never fired anyone for fasifying info like CBS did with Dan Rather.(evidence).
    Did you hear yourself…”smear campaign”. Does that sound familiar to you?? Jones and Acorn!!! That should tell you something right there. Dirty hands!!!(evidence).
    Fox did show Bertha Lewis…stating this woman in the California video was acting. But, that is only Lewis’ side of it. Where did you get your fact indeed that is what it was?? One’s word against the others’??
    Acorn is full of corrupted employees…and CEO’s. It is not just a hand full of their employees like Lewis is trying to say. They have been in court or under investigation in just about every state in this country. If they are so straight forward and honest…this wouldn’t be happening.
    Do you know that the State’s Attorney General’s Office in Louisana has subpoenaed ACORN’s records….and SEIU’s?? Supposingly…they are trafficing money through a Funeral Home in Louisana (the only thing is ..the funeral home hasn’t been in business for years and years). This will be interesting to see what the State Attorney’s Office comes up with!!!
    I don’t think anyone was hyping anyone up in the 9/12 march….other than alot of people in this country is fed up on how our government is conducting business…with little to no regards as to how their people feel about it. I am not a democrat and I am not a republican…Independent. I don’t like Obama and I didn’t like Bush. I voted for Mighty Mouse (for his motto was: I’m here to save the day). And that is what we need here in this country …someone to save it.

  4. blahgblog

    Here I come to save the day:

    (If the video doesn’t appear, click on this link:

    You are quite obviously factually challenged and, I think, off your rocker:

    I don’t think anyone was hyping anyone up in the 9/12 march….other than alot of people in this country is fed up on how our government is conducting business…with little to no regards as to how their people feel about it.


    I said Fox never fired anyone for faking news, not that they never did it.

    Ya, rightwing smear campaigns always sound very familiar.

    Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty, or is that just another precept of our constitution that you think shouldn’t apply to people you disagree with?

  5. When ACORN is found guilty by the courts and the federal investigation………can I please come back to say, THERE I TOLD YOU SO!!!! Don’t be too surprise either if President Obama doesn’t end up coming down with them at all!!! I am quite sure he is in it with ACORN up to his neck. But, time will tell dear. WON’T IT???

    • blahgblog

      “Dear”? That’s just sad for you.

      You’re another one of those bitter losers who can’t get over the fact that the country rejected your hate and you spend your days pining away for some kind of “I told you so moment.”

      I bet you’d be happy if another terrorist attack occurred because you think you’d be able to blame it on Obama.

      You exemplify why the rest of us are rejecting the rightwing and Republican mantras of spite and bitterness.

  6. Obama would not be blamed for any terrorist attacks for no one wishes that on any country. Just because your head is on backwards or clouded ……..don’t mean everyone’s is. Well you are one of the so called marxist left wing we are talking about and fight and stop.

    I hope to hell you had no relatives in any of the wars this country fought…or even worse, I hope you had no relatives injured or died standing up for this country’s freedom……..for they would be rolling over in their graves for you spitting on them.

    • blahgblog

      Your ignorance is matched only by your incoherence.

      Spare me your holier than thou lectures and please stop posting here. Your contributions, such as they are, are not wanted.

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