Major media not reporting Republican’s extremely low polling numbers

Crooks and Liars has a piece noting the new Dkos poll.

The gist is that while Obama’s numbers have predictably dropped from early highs and House and Senate Dems aren’t the most popular people in the minds of most Americans, House and Senate Republicans, along with the Republican party in general, are miserably unpopular with the vast majority of people in this country.

Dkos poll_64bf2

Just as in the campaign, most Americans reject the childish temper tantrums of the rightwingers and Republicans. Joe the Liar has replaced Joe the Plumber, but he isn’t playing any better with the majority than Mr the Plumber, the Quittah from Wassila or the guy with the stuffed monkey plastered with the Obama sticker.

Watch the video to see the sorry racist squirm.

Realizing he’s being filmed, he first peels the label off the stuffed monkey’s head, then squirms as the videographer keeps the camera on him. He eventually tries to duck behinf a sign held by a child on an adult’s shoulders, even appearing to attempt to persuade the child to hold the sign high when he drops it and exposes the man for the fool that he is.


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