redstate in damage control mode over cheering olympics not coming to US

Erick Erickson must be feeling some pressure over all the joy he and other redstaters felt and expressed with unbridled passion because the Olympics won’t take place in the US in 2016.

Responding to and article about Democrats charging that Republicans and right wingers are “rooting against America” at Politico, he pens a defense of rooting for failure.

(Click here if the video doesn’t work)

While I am not in the least surprised that so many right wingers and Republicans feel this way, I am perplexed as to why they have absolutely no qualms about publicly engaging in such orgiastic joy over this.

Do they honestly believe this kind of behavior will win people over to their cause? Are they in such ecstatic joy over what they perceive as an Obama defeat that they are incapable of understanding how such behavior will be perceived? Do they care?

These people are over the edge. Not only have they long ago abandoned any pretense of making contructive contributions to the discourse, they have made a final, terminal commitment to abandoning any shred of rationality.

And in discarding all claims to rationality so whole heartedly and with such perplexing enthusiasm, they are quickly — and surely — abandoning whatever hopes they may have once had of returning from the political netherworld.

They are operating from a 90’s model in which they think they can get away with spreading lies and speaking out of two sides of their mouths to the party base and more mainstream audiences

Again — yet again — they do not get the archive. Their words, and often their actions, are being recorded and will not go down the memory hole. They, literally, do not know what they’re doing.

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