Rush Limbaugh has made plenty of racist comments

Nate silver notes that some of the comments attributed to Limbaugh are not sourced and that, further, the alleged quotes are so egregious that if they were real, there would certainly be recordings of them.

If we don’t have recordings, then we should not attribute the comments to Limbaugh. That said, as Silver also notes, Limbaugh has uttered a sadly long list of racist comments that are documented beyond a doubt. Stick to the verifiable awfulness.

Predictably, the redstaters are in high dudgeon over this.

I like the boycott ideas above …
Joe_Cor Thursday, October 15th at 8:28AM EDT (link)
but how about extending past a week or two to forever. Go mow the lawn or read a book or paint a picture or any of 1000 different things you could do than watch the NFL in person or on TV. We can all live without it. Maybe a group of investors will come up with an old-fashioned, American version of pro football and we can watch that when it comes along. [Emphasis added]

As many of the other comments in this dreadful thread make clear, the “old fashioned, American version of pro football” the commenter pines for would be, much like the Republican party and teabagging parties, very very very white.

But by calling them racist, I am of course exposing myself as the true racist.

Update: Of course, this pic, part of the signature of a commenter on the thread, isn’t racist at all…
redstate nfl  prisoners

Also, just for fun, try to decide if this commenter is genuine or a troll engaging in a little parody…

Well if you have had enough do something
reginagroves424 Thursday, October 15th at 1:17AM EDT (link)
I am a woman but I enjoy football.
My favorite is Basketball now I must admit my passion is NCAA Basketball and March Maddness and I enjoy College footballI do not like pro ball period.
They are over payed and really underestimated .
I see everyone complaining but I don’t see much movement I would Boycott the NFL let Sharpton and Jackson fill the seats and watch the TV let the liberals support them the same way with Actors they get bunches for low B movies I haven’t seen many good movies lately,but we still support them.
Quit buying there tickets boycott their sponsers shut off the TV watch a movie play a Video but quit giving them the power to control you you won’t die from lack of high payed competition and it serves you no purpose go to a little league ball game heck the have more action and fun.
They have nailed Rush from fulfilling his dreams and with the taxes and the limitation coming to our freedoms and our Childrens when is enough enough .
People talk about abused Women and they can’t understand why they keep going back for more well people some places have shelters for them where is the American people goin for shelter.
The next one they will go after is BECK because he don’t give a rats ass and will go till he can’t go because they are backdooring the freedom Act and are goin to shut radio down the it will be true communist we will get what the Liberals are giving us now Lies so when is enough enough and if people can control us like Jackson and Sharpton who’s the racist now I am tired of being called a racist when they are the racist and because they are Black they are Using it as a race card I don’t care what color they are heck the Senate is all white but Burris now whos Racist when is enough enough.
When is the repubs and the Conservatives goin to quit talking and start taking action get on the wire tell every one to shutdown the NFL for two weeks don’t buy their season tickets boycott their games do something this could be you heck if they get the Health care bill goin it will be you




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