inter racial marriage, penny pinching jews and shooting tree hugging liberals — oh my

The Republican noise machine has been busy the last few days, arguing, among other nuttiness, that:

As of this writing, only the geniuses responsible for the calling Jews penny pinchers have apoligized — if anyone was offended. A fake non apology; but at least they went through the motions.

The justice who refuses to perform inter racial marriages and the shooting liberals is funny Republican representative are defiant and just don’t see how anyone could have a problem with what they’ve said and done.

It’s classic bigotry — they are so deep into prejudice, racism and hatred that they literally cannot imagine how anyone could see the world differently than they do.

It’s just this kind of crack political messaging that will propel the Republicans back into power on a wave of righteous, old, southern, white, conservative protestant indignation and determination to take “their” country back.


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One response to “inter racial marriage, penny pinching jews and shooting tree hugging liberals — oh my

  1. I know Gregg Harper thinks he was being “cute”, in much the same way that the people who have semi-racist Obama-hating bumperstickers on their cars think they are being “cute”. Last time I checked, the deer don’t register to vote, but I hope his constituents vote his ass right out of office.

    I wonder if the idiot realizes how many tree-hugging, liberal democrats hunt? I know quite a few, myself included. Well, I’m not strictly a democrat, more of an independent LOL. Most hunters I know are very concerned about the environment, and most aren’t interested in arguing politics. I wouldn’t go hunting with this guy though. He might shoot you in the face like Cheney. And anyone who would say something like that, they have no ethics.

    I found this over at, it’s funny:

    “Another member of the sportsmen’s caucus, Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., disagreed with Harper.

    “I don’t ask a pheasant’s politics before I shoot it,” Terry said. “Gregg should have focused on his game, not his colleagues.””


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