Senator Inouye: don’t be a rapist hater

Absolutely disgusting. I don’t care how venerated he is, this is wrong.

From Sam Stein at Huffington Post:

An amendment that would prevent the government from working with contractors who denied victims of assault the right to bring their case to court is in danger of being watered down or stripped entirely from a larger defense appropriations bill.

Multiple sources have told the Huffington Post that Sen. Dan Inouye, a longtime Democrat from Hawaii, is considering removing or altering the provision, which was offered by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and passed by the Senate several weeks ago.

Firedoglake puts it more succinctly:

click image for link

click image for link

Inouye has a long record of service, but this will forever mar that record if it turns out to be true. I hope he reconsiders.

Crooks and Liars is also weighing in.


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One response to “Senator Inouye: don’t be a rapist hater

  1. Not only is KBR guilty of allowing their employees to rape another employee, but they are also responsible (perhaps indirectly) for human trafficking of people from third world countries. And they’re doing it with our tax dollars! Everyone should be madder than hell, but as usual, it will probably all get swept under the rug.

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