virtual reality: the refusal to reject demonstrably untrue ‘facts’

In the last few days there has been a rush of examples of rightwingers proudly rejecting reality and substituting a virtual world more suited to their worldview.

First there was the laughably absurd Great Obama Thesis Unveiling.

And today there was the totally neutral and not skewed poll from, uh, the Club for Growth putting Conservative Party candidate Hoffman first in the NY 23 special election.

Then there was the equally absurd, not to mention post dated, revelation that Pelosi would ban Fox from capitol hill.

The left, and people in general, are also at time prone to refuse to accept unsettling facts or, conversely, to be too willing to accept facts that suit their outlook.

But it seems the rightwingers, who so proudly scorn the ‘reality based community,’ are particularly susceptible to such willfully self imposed ignorance. But perhaps I’m biased given my own perspective. Please note examples of people on the left doing this in the comments.

Some examples I can think of are the faked docs relating to Bush’s time freeing the skies of Texas of viet kong and a few racist but completely undocumented quotes attributed to Limbaugh — alongside many of Limbaugh’s comments that are undeniably racist and undeniably accurate.



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