The Party of No: I object! I object! I object! I object! I object!

Not having a plan of their own, the rightwingers and Republicans can only try to keep actual plans from being heard.

The teabaggers have taken over the party and the party has adopted the teabaggers methods of red faced screaming and tantrum throwing. It is willful and pridefully deliberate ignorance on parade and it is ugly and pathetic.

All they can do is try as hard as they can to stop debate. It is the old rightwing and Republican fear — fear that a public program designed to help people and stop outrageous corporate abuses and legal crimes will actually work and do what it is meant to do.

The version of health care reform under debate is woefully imperfect and must be improved on in the short and long terms. But it is something. Something that will have positive effect on many, many people’s lives.

And the rightwingers and Republicans are afraid of just such a good example. It proves their theories about public programs and private business interests are backwards and, literally, dangerous to our health.

Here, via Think Progress and Media Matters, is what they have reduced themselves to:

Update: Sam Stein at Huffington Post has news of Rep King losing his mind:

3:02 PM ET — Rep. King contemplates wrapping Capitol building with health care bill. Ten minutes after Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-M.D.) took to the House floor to relay the tale of a young boy who died because a tooth infection went untreated and spread to his brain, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was trying to literally wrap the Capitol building with the legislation.

The House, on Saturday, began what should be a lengthy process of debating and voting on the final language of reform. But not everyone was willing to simply sit through the event. Outside, King and others were leading a mob of angry tea-party protesters in a round of bizarre and disruptive shenanigans.

About 20 feet off the House floor, at the entrance to the lawn in front of the Capitol building, King and two colleagues were wielding a massive copy of the 1,900-page bill, rolled up around a wooden poll. A man accompanying a clearly excited King, suggested that they wrap the legislation around the building.

“Let’s do it,” he proclaimed. “Let’s wrap the building.”

A security guard, looking on disapprovingly, patiently urged them not to try. “You can’t do that sir,” he said. “You can’t do that.”

In the background, the tea party protesters who had gathered for a second day of railing against health care’s passage were dispersing. Sensing a lost opportunity, King turned to go back outside, asking his co-conspirator to grab the rolled up bill.

A Hill aide tells the Huffington Post that he and others have been plotting to tape pieces of the bill to the Capitol building for several days.


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