Obama, NFL fight obesity, rightwingers freak

The ever rational rightwingers are outraged that Obama is turning the NFL into a cadre of revolutionary marxists bent on oppressing kid’s god given right to obesity and diabetes.

From the NFL:

President Barack Obama will join Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware in a special public service announcement debuting during each of the three NFL games played on Thanksgiving. The 90-second PSA is a joint effort of the NFL’s PLAY 60 campaign, a leaguewide effort to fight childhood obesity by getting kids active for 60 minutes a day, and United We Serve, the President’s initiative encouraging all Americans to participate in community service. The spot will continue airing throughout the rest of the season in a shorter format.

From a commenter at Trike Force HQ*:

American Experience
lukematthews Friday, November 27th at 12:50PM EST (link)
has got his Dumbo-eared visage at the beginning of every show as well. His goofy, I’m gonna-eat-you grin is so omnipresent as to be the Big Brother nightmare scenario. When I saw that NFL thing, I exclaimed, “Good God! Has he no decency.” My family laughed. [Emphasis added]

Yes, equating Obama teaming up with sports figures in an effort to fight childhood obesity to the paranoid reactionary Joseph McCarthy is particularly witty. Who says rightwingers and Republicans can’t do humor.

*Fear them:

(from Sadly, No! Click for link)


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