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Republicans: Dem wins = voter fraud; Rep wins = will of the people

TPM and Media Matters have good pieces up about rightwingers and Republicans already alleging voter pre fraud. That there is no evidence of this happening in 2006 or 2008 does not keep sites like from alleging past and future fraud.

Does anyone want to place a wager on the accuracy of this prediction: rightwingers and Republicans will only protest close races in which the Republican (or, in NY23, the Conservative) party candidate loses; they will assert an overwhelming mandate and validation of the entire populace, not to mention the clear lack any fraud committed by their side, in races their preferred candidates win.

Meanwhile, their only plan of action in the health care reform discourse is to take up Michelle Bachman’s idea of storming congressional offices and the capitol itself, running down random congress people, staring deep into “the whites of their eyes” and demanding guv’mint stay out of their medicare and social security.

Of course, they’ve also said this and this.

A long term winning strategery if there ever was one…

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