Rightwing Republican cognitive dissonance: terrorism under Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden

While recurrent themes can become tedious to attend to, this one is important. I haven’t had time to dig too deeply into the president’s speech or the rightwing and Republican (mis)reaction to it, I did pick up this little gem over at redstate.com Trike Force HQ:

click for link

First, notice how the only respondent to the commenter as of this writing jokes that Obama supporters will try to deny that what happened in Obama’s tenth month in office was in fact terrorism. While many did hesitate to jump to the automatic conclusion that it was an act of terrorism, I have certainly not heard anyone deny that it was terrorism.

Second, and much more astoundingly, the first commenter is vigorously impugning Obama’s competence because of an attack by a single individual that killed 13 people and happened in Obama’s tenth month, despite the fact that Obama or anyone in his administration had heard any of the reports about Hasan’s disturbed behavior.

And the commenter compares this record unfavorably to the last seven years of Bush’s presidency.

Of course the commenter is unaware of the superhuman level of self delusion they operate under, but it could be hoped that someone else might point out the obvious.

But, given the current state of the rightwingers and Republicans, that appears to be too much to ask.


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