Rightwing Republican anti latino Xmas Carols

Via Think Progress

Here’s a little taste (to the tune of Feliz Navidad):

They’re going to spread bubonic plague this Christmas.
They’re going to bring me lots of bed bugs this Christmas.
They’re going to pass tuberculosis this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

Think Progress reports this about Talk Radio Network’s Matt Fox and AJ Rice, the duo responsible for putting this out: “[t]heir low-brow repertoire also includes ‘Sasha Obama’s Big Mouth,’ a voiced-over conversation between President Obama and his daughter that features the tagline: ‘when procreation goes horribly wrong.'”

One obvious downside of rightwing and Republican idiocy like this is that it means the Democrats can sit around, talk sort of tough but not do anything they don’t really want to do and say, “Hey, at least we’re not the loco Republicans. Where else are you gonna go?”


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