I admit it: global warming, or climate change, is a hoax

You have to hand it to the neo birchers, flat earthers, birthers, climate change deniers and free lance commie spotters. Fueled by Fox “News” misinformation and willful misunderstanding, they never let facts or reality get in the way of their delusions and grand conspiracy theories.

They know there is a vast left wing conspiracy to sap America of its preciousness. Every single person in the media is in on the scam, from tyour local newspaper delivery people all the way up to our leaders, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Of course, Fox “News” is free of taint, but they’re the only ones you can trust to report the exact and absolute truth, no matter what those independent fact checking organizations say about them getting things wrong so frequently.

Also, everyone in academia is in on the plot, from your children’s elementary school teachers to university researchers, professors and, the true masters of the universe, graduate students. We actually have weekly meetings to plot how best to destroy America and advance the global warming hoax.

Yes, I admit it. Global warming is a hoax. During our last meetings on taking down the country, we were told how we got all the scientists from universities and government agencies such as NASA and the EPA to lie and fake the data so we can pull off the scam.

The conspiracy is proceeding according to plan. I just hope Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin can be held off until it’s too late. Dasvidoniya, comrades.



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2 responses to “I admit it: global warming, or climate change, is a hoax

  1. darkhorsetrader

    It is a hoax. But go ahead and buy the propaganda that it isn’t. Fox news is entertaining you and leading you down another rabbit hole. Wake up to the NWO and Maurice Strong and the UN which Obama seems to be working for. You have been duped but your ignorance and programming will be the undoing of the entire world. The rabbit hole is much deeper than you think. It is about domination of the entire world. Falsifying data and killing science is happening and the Climate Changers must be defeted for the sake of everyone. Not just Americans. Turn off your TV.

    • blahgblog

      The guy in the alley is having a sale on gently used tin foil hats. If you wear three or four of them at once, you can really stop the programming from infiltrating your brain.

      Once question: you really believe all the scientists in the world who aren’t funded by petro dollars are lying?

      Come back to reality.

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