redstaters advocate violently trashing the constitution

The mods and regulars at Trike Force HQ are well known for vociferously disagreeing with anyone who veers one iota from their fringe diktats. It takes very little for commenters to get banned and some even have their blasphemy expunged from the record, leaving only white space where their heresy once appeared.

So, when a comment stays up and does not draw any rebuke or even mild opposition, we can assume it has the blessings of both the site admins and the general community. A site that monitors and polices their comments so thoroughly assumes some of the responsibility for those comments that remain and are not opposed.

For example, consider this exchange:

We are approaching an epic confrontation…
rcov092 Tuesday, December 22nd at 9:53PM EST (link)
we fight with all our might and if…if…we cannot roll them back, I vote we embrace Cloward Pivens and collapse the whole thing in on them and start over. If that happens they will fold like cheap suits and we can build something even better. We have 90% of a new Constitution already written and now know where the weaknesses are to remake it even stronger.

and this response:

MacAoidh Tuesday, December 22nd at 10:08PM EST (link)
Or maybe we’ll just start shooting.

We’re the ones with the guns and the balls to use them, after all.

They lost an election and were unable to completely screw up health care reform so they want to ditch the constitution and they want to do so violently.

These comments came in response from another commenter claiming to be a Republican congressional staffer and who was trying to argue that moving up a vote from xmas eve to the morning of December 24 was not that big of a deal.

The trikers are up in arms over it and really, really don’t like the Republican leadership. But the real point here is that no one opposed or even mildly questioned the commenter who advocated overturning the government or the one who advocated doing so violently.

Let’s be clear: this is reactionary, authoritarian and anti democratic. And they are threatening violence.


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