Blaming Obama for Xmas attack will backfire on rightwingers and Republicans

Recently, former George Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino claimed, incredibly, that no terrorist attacks occurred during the Bush administration. She made the astounding comment while blaming Obama for the Ft Hood shooting. More recently, Republican strategist Mary Matelin claimed that the Bush administration “inherited” 9/11 from Bill Clinton.

Now, in the wake of the attempted Christmas plane bombing, far too many Republicans and rightwingers are at it again. Only hours after the incident, Republicans and others were busily trying to gain partisan advantage on the back of the averted tragedy.

Republicans and rightwingers are so tone deaf, and now so over confident as well, that they are the only institution on the face of the planet that can make the Democrats seem reasoned and responsible. Together with their reactionary general obstructionism and their absolutist opposition to health care reform, their naked and cringe inducing partisanship in response to this attempted attack will hurt them greatly.

They will not see the gains they are expecting next November, gains any rational party would be able to put in the bank. Instead, voters will, in significant numbers, turn away from their clownish buffoonery and poison politics.

Sadly, this continuing Republican and rightwing clownishness might lessen the need for Democrats to improve their own lackluster performance.

Update: Crooks and Liars has video of Rove joining the party.



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13 responses to “Blaming Obama for Xmas attack will backfire on rightwingers and Republicans

  1. bassackwards

    Apparently, you haven’t seen Obama’s poll numbers lately. I won’t try and convince you otherwise. I’ll let the 2010 elections do the talking for me.

    • blahgblog

      why won’t you try to convince me? is it cos you have no reasonable argument to attempt to do so?

      you apparently are unaware of the repub’s numbers. yes, next november will tell us a lot.

      historically, the out of power party does quite well. and, at this point in the cycle, they usually poll quite well, unlike the repubs now.

      but the repubs are so inept and tone deaf that whatever gains they get in 2010 will be far lower than the historical mean.

      that takes a special kind of incompetence, arrogance and misreading of the electorate’s mood.

  2. bassackwards

    I have plenty of reasonable arguments… but I can tell from your post you live off a steady diet of MSNBC and Kos so I won’t waste my time.

    If Obama’s inept handling of this current terrorist situation doesn’t convince you then I won’t waste any additional bandwidth talking about it.

    • blahgblog

      your laziness, arrogance and refusal to engage on the issues is typical of rightwingers and repubs these days. this is why you have lost recent elections and why you will continue to lose.

      you seem incapable of engaging me on the issues i raise in my post as well as backing up your unsupported assertion that obama is ‘inept’ and unpopular and that the dems are bound for significant losses next november.

      please indicate what assertions from my post you believe are wrong. or continue with the childish name calling.

      your choice.

  3. bassackwards

    I didn’t call you any names. So get over yourself. Obama’s poll numbers suck. And that’s a fact.

    • blahgblog

      it was implied. but nice response. sadly — and tediously — it met with expectations.

    • blahgblog

      one last try. you’ve only engaged in personal attack agaisnt me while refusing to engage the substance of any of my points. and please don’t pull out the get-over-yourself cliche — it’s such lazy writing.

      obama’s numbers have gone down but they are far above the repubs in general and any repub in particular.

      also, what do you say about obama being the most admired man (30%) while bush, while second, got barely over a tenth as many votes (4%)?

  4. bassackwards

    Again. Facts and Data. The American people speak:

    Presidential approval index:

    1/21/09: +28
    12/30/09: -16


  5. blahgblog

    again. what about my other points? out of power parties typically do very well in the first mid term election.

    obama is the most admired man in the country and outperformed bush by 30% to 4%. that kind of nullifies your claim that obama is somehow hugely unpopular.

    the repubs look poised to significantly underperform and are very very unpopular.

    rasmussen is well known to lean right. am i correct in assuming you only watch fox ‘news’?

    i’m sure you’ll stay in your echo chamber and then, after the repubs don’t do as well as they should next november, you’ll say it was because they weren’t extreme right wing enough.

  6. bassackwards

    Who cares about admiration rankings? What does that have to do with anything? Mandela was one percentage point behind Bush so are you going to now try and argue that Mandela is less admirable than Bush? Comparing Mandela and Bush is a joke. I admire Mandela far more than Bush and Obama combined. Please don’t even try to tell me Obama has done one thing that puts him in the same league as Mandela. So much for that poll.

  7. blahgblog

    that’s quite a tangent. i was not talking about mandela v bush. i cited the poll because it disproves your claim that obama is somehow hugely unpopular, even though he ahead of bush in this poll as well as bush’s miserable approval ratings.

    i’m not surprised you ignore it; nor am i surprised that, yet again, you don’t respond to my point about the repubs’ miserable approval ratings. you also continue to ignore all my other points.

    it seems that you are a very typical rightwinger/republican. all you do is cherry pick data points that reinforce your pov, ignore countervailing facts and engage in personal attacks against those you disagree with.

    you either can’t, or just don’t want to, engage in substantive discussion with someone who doesn’t already agree with you on pretty much everything.

  8. bassackwards

    You brought up the admiration poll not me. How credible is that poll when the morons who took it find Mandela LESS admirable than Bush or Obama. Apparently, the people who took the poll are uneducated morons (probably the same people who got Obama elected in the first place) and have no idea who Mandela is.

    I don’t like Obama and I didn’t like Bush and I think most politicians are crooks who only care about staying elected. Is that substantive enough for you? BTW, I’m not a republican either.

    • blahgblog

      if you think that is a substantive reply then we are truly talking past each other.

      sure, just dismiss out of hand polls that don’t reinforce your apparently already calcified worldview.

      here’s a quote from tpm about gallup and even rasmussen finding obama’s numbers up slightly since the failed xmas attack

      In the Gallup daily tracking poll released on December 24, before the attack, Obama’s approval rating was 51%, with 42% disapproval. In the daily Rasmussen daily tracking poll, conducted during that same baseline period of December 21-23, Obama was at 44%-56% (Rasmussen consistently has Obama’s approval lower, and disapproval higher, than other outlets).

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