RetroCons: rightwingers love Bush and Cheney

Evan McMorris-Santoro at TPM notes that Bush and Cheney epideictics are back in vogue among rightwing attendees of CPAC.

As others have noted already, the only people cheering louder than the attendees when Cheney made a surprise appearance at the end of daughter Liz’s speech were all the people who want to see the Republicans lose in 2010 and 2012.

It will be interesting, although probably totally unsurprising, to observe how the self proclaimed teabaggers react to this. This is especially so as it comes on the heels of Palin admonishing them to get their minds right and fall in line behind the Republicans. I say probably unsurprising because I expect that the vast majority of them will do just that.

They are a natural and ancient constituent of the coalition the Republican party has come to represent. For the most part, they are the heirs of the Birchers, the Mcarthyites, the Coughlinites, the Know Nothings and, at the extreme of the extreme, the KKK. Olbermann is right to ask why they are so overwhelmingly white.

It is a question they have no respectable answer for.

However, after just the first day of CPAC2010, we know their answer to this question:

Well, do you?

Bonus photo: Via The Washington Independent

Dick Cheney, with his daughter Liz, made a surprise appearance at CPAC on Thursday. (UPPA/


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