Bunning’s balk makes reform easier

So, Bunning has caved.

After voting against pay-go and having no problems with Bush’s unfunded, and unnecessary, Iraq invasion as well as the series of unprecedented Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, Bunning decided to take a stand on the backs of the unemployed, medicare doctors and transportation workers, among others.

Although, he’s apparently doing a Shelby now and blocking all Obama nominations more than a year after inauguration.

And the rightwing Republicans had his back.

They love him and his obstructionism. Or maybe they fear crossing him and criticizing his obstructionism.

Either way, they are wearing his dead political carcass like an albatross.

David Weigel at TWI writes that the rightwing Republicans think the Bunning balk was, and will continue to be, a winning issue for them. They could hardly be more wrong.

These are just the first faint repercussions of the catastrophic overreach and ensuing backlash they are sprinting into at full speed.

As others have noted, it comes at an opportune time for Democrats seeking not only to pass the hcr fix through a majority rule up or down vote — reconciliation — but also to make the case to the pubic in a clear and concise way that rightwing Republicans are purposely and indiscriminately stalling the business of congress.

Bunning has just made the Democrats’ task of illuminating rightwing Repbulican hypocrisy on the issue, already a pretty cut and dried issue, that much easier.

Steve M at No More Mister Nice Blog notes that the rightwing Republicans are reluctant to criticize him for hear of being seen as conservatively incorrect by their fringe base. Of course, they’re in a bit of a bind because the rest of the voting public sees such Randian sociopathy [links via Progressive Blog Digest] as humanly incorrect.

The aggrieved paranoia of certain segments of the nativist, ‘natural born,’ white population is nothing new. And neither is the fact that elite Republican business interests are once again piggy backing on that wave of resentment.

What is unusual is the amount of power the elites have ceded to their unwashed foot soldiers, who they usually ignore and treat with great contempt and derision as soon as their votes are counted, at the current moment.

The teabaggers want all Bunning all the time but the Republican elites know that this is a losing strategy. They will prove incapable, however, of convincing them that this is the case.

The coming months will be the season of ‘baggers gone wild and it will be prelude to a certain Tuesday in November when Republicans severely under perform.


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