Hate Groups, Intimidation, Militias and Nullification: will the 10s make the 90s seem sedate?

Is the recent spate of stories about organized violence from various right wing groups just a coincidence or is it a sign where things are heading, especially if hcr passes?

A Louisiana sheriff is arming old white guys and training them in hand to hand combat.

Members of a group comprised largely of police officers are proclaiming in oaths that they won’t follow “unconstitutional” orders.

A vigilante xtian American Taliban group, describing itself as Hezbolllah Army of God, is harassing and violating the privacy of people whose behavior doesn’t live up to the wonderful ideals spelled out in three or four thousand year old mythology.

Well, parts of it at least.

At least some of these nutters have direct ties to the domestic terrorists ‘militia movement’ of the 90s.

I think it’s all too likely that some out their will act on their extreme views as Obama’s presidency continues. And the chance of this happening will grow if hcr passes. And if the Republicans don’t take over both houses of congress in November, and especially if Obama is reelected in 2012, the likelihood will increase even more.

I’ve noted before on this blog how some in the redstate.com community casually talk, always in a joking way of course, about a coming epic violent confrontation with everyone to the left of Tom Tancredo. David Neiwart has written about the serious threat behind the eliminationist discourse of some elements of the right.

Most of the yelping is little more than compensation for feelings of insecurity and ineffectualness that will go nowhere. But, the 90s showed us that we ignore the threat of rightwing domestic terrorists at our peril.


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