The unbearable whiteness of being (a right wing Republican)

Rightwingers and many Republicans will tell you that what you’re about to read proves that I, and all people on the left, are the real racists.

It’s a classic technique but it’s transparent and laughably ineffective for all who aren’t dazed by the echo chamber.

In countless situations online and in person, people who point out possible, let alone blatant, racist speech or behavior coming from the right are accused of “playing the race card,” “exploiting racial politics,” and even of keeping non whites “on the plantation.”

But take a look at photos and videos from the “tea party” rallies. Look at pictures and video from the campaign, especially the Palin only rallies. Remember this guy?

Ron Brownstein at The National Journal Magazine notes the increasingly “monochromatic” nature of the rightwing Republican coallition [emphasis added]:

Amid drug violence in Mexico and high unemployment in the U.S., concern about controlling the borders is understandable. But the hardening GOP position also shows how the party is being tugged toward nativism as its coalition grows more monochromatic: In a nation that is more than one-third minority, nearly 90 percent of McCain’s votes in the 2008 presidential election came from whites. That exclusionary posture could expose the GOP to long-term political danger. Although Hispanics are now one-sixth of the U.S. population, they constitute one-fifth of all 10-year-olds and one-fourth of 1-year-olds. The larger threat is to America’s social cohesion. Democrats, with their own divisions, can’t reform the immigration system alone. Either both parties will accept that responsibility or the nation will likely suffer through years of sharpening social division symbolized by the escalating battle over Arizona.

As even Michael Steele acknowledged, the Republicans have been tapping into white anger, beginning in the sourth with Nixon’s “southern strategy” and migrating to other parts of the country when possible over the last five decades.

They have stoked and taken electoral advantage of reactionary nativist fears spurred by broad societal changes. For years it worked according to plan: the Republicans got their votes but kept the less savory elements of the demographic group now called “tea partiers” at arm’s length.

Not any more.

As the rise of Sarah Palin and Charlie Crist’s story demonstrate, the radicals have taken over the party. Whatever happens with the immigration reform debate this year, things are going to get much, much worse for the increasingly fragile Republican coallition.



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5 responses to “The unbearable whiteness of being (a right wing Republican)

  1. Anonymous

    lol you mean the republicans are in decline? Latest poll shows obama at 44% approval lowest yet. it will only go lower as his policies are not in line with middle America. He dropped from 52% by independent voters to to 38%. BYE BYE obama


  2. Rich

    Arizona is on the correct path. Securing our borders is very important not only for immigration but also safety from terrorists and criminals. This could and should have been done several administrations ago. Both parties are guilty of inaction. You quote 90% of McCain’s votes came from whites. What percentage of black voters went for obama. My guess is more than 90% but I guess that is judged by a different measure. Also I didn’t see any McCain supporters standing in front of polling places with batons intimidating voters as they entered. Oh those were criminals working for ACORNso I guess that was OK. Let’s protect all voters rights.

  3. blahgblog


    arizona is on the wrong path. papers please laws are not right. do you seriously think they’ll be stopping white people with this law?

    yes, we should do a better job of securing the border, but this isn’t the way.

    more than 90% of black people vote for any dem, largely because the republicans embraced the racist southern strategy after civil rights.

    and the acorn videos were falsely edited, just like the sherrod one.

  4. Rich

    Rose colored glasses anyone? In a sense it may be racial profiling but lets look at airplane hijacking.
    Not many white people hijacking planes now is there? Not to say they should get a pass but if you were in charge of security would you be more suspect of a 50 year old white woman or a 30 year old middle eastern man? I dont think that is racist, just factual. Same in Arizona. There are a few illegals that are white or whatever but most are mexican. They believe there are over 600,000 illegals in Arizona. That is like Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana, Mattoon and Charleston in Illinois all being illegal immigrants. As a % of population probably more because I think Illinois has more people than Arizona. These people are here illegally and should have no rights given to U.S. citizens. It also undermines those that have struggled to get here legally, some taking several years. I am willing to pay more for produce etc. if thats what it takes. The Social Security system does not care if they are taking jobs with stolen S.S.#. They inform employers of incorrect S.S.# but the employer can not ask the holder about it and the S.S. system gets money it won”t have to pay out on that number.

  5. blahgblog

    okay, advocating racial profiling is pretty damn racist. but, since you’re a birther, i guess i shouldn’t be surprised.

    stopping random latinos and also asking them to prove their citizenship is also racist.

    do you think white people are more american than non whites?

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