Republican obstructionism delayed the 9/11 first responders aid bill

I have to disagree somewhat with Jeff’s last post blaming the Democrats as well as the Republicans for the failure to pass the bill. King was supposed to get enough Republican but couldn’t because they claimed the bill was a massive new entitlement program. They were going to kill the bill by attaching a poison pill, an amendment that would have prohibited any help at all going to any first responder who was not here legally.

I agree with those who say that any first responder, regardless of citizenship status, should get help. And the Republicans knew the Democrats would vote against such an odious amendment but they would use that vote to accuse them of giving millions to ‘illegals’ in sound bite driven campaign commercials.

It was really sleazy of the Republicans. King was diverting attention away from his failure to get Republican support by attaching amendments he knew the Democrats would reject. The Democrats finally got smart and forced the Republicans’ hand and called them out for their naked partisanship. Good for them.

In other news, some rightwing blogs and sites are walking quietly away from the bogus Laredo invasion fabrication, while the initiators are still sticking to their story. A post on the invasion appeared on redstate (link to google cache), but was disappeared by the powers that be. If you click on the link to the current page, you are directed to new posts. Maybe this is why they are so hostile to google at that site.

It’s another sign, along with the banning of the birfers, that redstate is trying desperately to overcome Erickson’s comparison of White House health care spox Linda Douglass to Goebbels and the unfortunate tweet in which he called Supreme Court Justice Souter a ‘goat fucking child molester.’

My guess is that they still have work to do in that regard.


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2 responses to “Republican obstructionism delayed the 9/11 first responders aid bill

  1. Sal

    Ok a little background after the events of 9/11 2001, many New York Cops, fireman EMTs and volunteers who responded to the emergency have become sick due to the toxic environment. Some received medical care through their benefits plans which… eventually expired and were not renewed, most did not(voluteers have no benefits)…So there has been a $7.4 BILLION Federal bill proposed that would provide taxpayer care for these people. Now Here’s the SUCKY part..
    The Democrats in congress have had enough votes to pass the 911 first responders bill(aid for the sick) since 2007.It was originally held up to keep Republicans from adding ammendments, but since 2008 the democrats have held a super majority which allows them to deny republican ammendments. So whats the reason for the current hold up ?…The Democrats have added on controversial immigration legislation to the bill. This is being claimed correctly by the republicans as a procedural trick by the democrats. This trick is to make the republicans look like they are against a bill which everyone supports(911 first reponders aid)or if they vote yes that they support the immigration legislation…The trick is used to create leverage that can be used in the up coming Novemebr election for the democrats, meanwhile the first reponders continue to suffer…and that sucks!

    • blahgblog


      care to include a link — or any info — about the ‘controversial immigration legislation [the democrats] to the bill’?

      why make such a claim but neglect to provide evidence? are you referring to the aspect that would allow undocumented first responders to get help? are you against that? if so, why not just say so instead of being vague.

      again, please say, specifically, what the legistlation the dems supposedly added is.

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