Freedom of (some) Religion

By: Jeff

This heated argument over allowing Mosques to be built & expanded here in the U.S. is getting ridiculous. I can understand people’s reservations about a Mosque being built near ground zero (the site is 2 blocks away, NOT actually on ground zero as I’ve heard some uninformed callers claiming when calling up radio talk shows). I understand that it was a group of RADICALS that believed they were doing what was best for the Muslim faith that flew those planes into the Twin Towers on 9-11, so of course some people are not going to be happy about this move.

But now a town in Tennessee is up in arms because a Mosque is looking to expand their current facilities, What I really can’t understand is that these protestors don’t understand (or value) a core part of our Nation’s beginnings. The freedom of religion is and always has been an extremely important part of the American identity.  If a group was looking to build a Church, a Synagogue, or an altar to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, no one would care. Just because a group of extreme radicals from one religion committed horrible atrocities, does not give us as a country the right to completely discriminate against a HUGE population of American citizens.

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One response to “Freedom of (some) Religion

  1. blahgblog

    ya, muslims are the right’s new commies now. i tend more towards the dawkins view of religion, but i’m opposed to singling out any group as a target of bigotry and prejudice.

    they have every right to build the community center two blocks from the wtc site. i’m really sick of sanctimonious people like palin and gingrich sticking their beaks in and trying to override the local decision makers they usually praise.

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