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‘GOP’ officially repudiates reality

Most rightwing Republicans have such a casual relationship with facts and the truth that this news from Huffington Post, TPM and The Plumline shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is running doctored ads of Al Franken on the stump and threatening to use what it knows is a doctored photo of Franken making it look like he’s dressed up in a diaper with a stuffed animal and funny headgear. Franken drives them so crazy that they abandon all pretense at being connected with reality.

It’s another manifestation of a long standing rightwing acknowledgment that appearances are more important than reality. It is being played out on a larger scale in the current debate on the right about how they need to take advantage of such technologies as teh twitter and teh facebook to “reach teh young people.’

It’s not that they need to, y’know, actually change their positions to be more in line with what people actually believe. No, they just need better marketing. Rebranding. Repackage the same old crap and the idiot Americans won’t know the difference.

Such a strategy was successful at one time. But they still don’t get it. Teh intertubez changed all that. It’s the modern day equivalent of both the town crier and the scribe rolled into one — it both distributes new messages to an incredibly vast — though still limited — audience and records all past messages in an unprecedented archive accessible with a few keystrokes.

Their continued failure to grasp this concept costs them dearly every single day.

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Franken explodes rightwingers’ heads

Media Matters, Talking Points Memo, Huffington Post, Think Progress, and Crooks and Liars all have pieces up documenting how crazymaking for rightwingers the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision that has finally led to Norm Coleman’s concession and Franken’s ascension to the Senate is.

The Redstaters are, again, not doing the happy dance.

I think Eric Kleefeld’s observation in the TPM piece is spot on — he writes that a large part of the meltdown of the Murdoch media and their ideological compadres is probably due to Fox’s star crossed lawsuit against Franken over their apocryphal copyright of the term “fair and balanced.” Kleefeld posits that Franken might not have garnered the champion of the left status he did if it weren’t for the lawsuit and the ensuing free publicity.

I think that’s a very plausible view. But regardless of its accuracy, if the Foxsters believe this even just a little but, it’s gotta drive them absolutely bonkers. Even more so than usual.

In any event, Franken seems to drive most of the rightwing fringe gaga. It will be both entertaining and instructive to watch him continue to do so in the coming years.

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