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the teabagging of a political party

Greenwald, Hullabaloo, TPM, along with many other sane people, as well as some not so sane people, are trying to figure out the right wing and republican freak out over terror trials.

Of course, the Trike Force, aka the redstate 101s Fighting Keyboarders, are barely keeping it together.

The snake is eating its tail. This will not end well for the rightwingers and Republicans. They have surrendered their party to the most rabid, damaging — and damaged — elements of “the movement.”

At a time when reasoned discourse and sober opposition might buy them some independents disillusioned with Obama’s punch pulling, they are making the strategic decision to embrace the message and people who drive independents and moderates away in droves.

It is spectacle politics at its worst and only serves to make the already enthralled more ecstatic. Everyone else turns away in disgust from the spectacle, as well as from those who try to pull off and manipulate it for their own short term gain.

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