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Media fail: Stephanopoulos lets Giuliani claim ‘We Had No Domestic Attacks Under Bush; We’ve Had One Under Obama’

[Updated below]

A little over a month ago, former Bush/Cheney spokeswoman Dana Perino made the same ludicrous assertion. Now, TPM notes, Giuliani wants to get in on the act:

Why do the Bushies say these things and why do their friends in the media let them get away with it? I believe it’s this kind of deliberate incompetence that drives their audience and circulation tailspins.

Ed Schultz finally stopped giving air time to the anti immigrant fanatic Tom Tancredo after he walked off the set when Markos Moulitsas called him on his Vietnam War era chickenhawkery [starting at 5:33]. But he still has rightwing Republican shills on his show and, while he usually does a decent job reining them in, he can’t always hold back the tide of lies and misinformation.

Just this week, he left it to Sam Stein to debunk Karen Hanretty’s bald faced lie that Obama took two weeks to respond to the underwear bomber:

The rightwingers and Republicans appear to have made a decision to flat out lie about these things. They may be betting that the rebuttals of their obvious lies will get drowned out in the overflow of information. I’m sure they also believe it will distract and tie up their Democratic opponents and their rivals on the left.

However, it’s not a good strategy. Their brand is not one that is currently known for seriousness and deliberative debate. While, on a daily basis, their lies might get lost in the shuffle for most people, they are building a library of lies that will be replayed, and replayed endlessly, when more voters are paying attention.

In a continuation of their rudderlessness, they are sacrificing long term credibility for very short term — and very questionable — gain.

Update: Think Progress has this from earlier in the week when Giuliani repeated the lie that Obama waited ten days to respond to the underwear bomber and that, apparently, the shoe bomber failed before 9/11:

Update II: Think Progress also has a broader discussion of this with good links.

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Five deferment Dick takes terrorism more seriously than you

Former vice president Cheney, who sought and won five draft deferments in the Vietnam era because he “had other priorities” than fighting in a war in which he supported others being killed, is speaking now on national television. He is promulgating more misinformation about his administration and the current one. No surprise there.

One of the most glaring was his claim that, after 9/11, his administration attacked nations that “had the capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction.” Does that sound familiar? It’s not what he and the other administration lackeys were peddling in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. At that time, they were speaking in certainties about the indisputable fact that Iraq not only had all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, but that they were just days, hours, minutes away from launching wmd filled drones and killing us all. Especially your family.

You don’t want terrorists to kill your family, do you? Then shut up and let us invade Iraq.

But they didn’t only lie about Iraq having wmd. They also lied about a connection between Iraq and al-qeada, Iraq involvement in 9/11and a slew of other fantasies.

Of course, when enough people realized the lies, it was too late and we are now stuck in Iraq for who knows how long. This was what this man’s sage advice brought us before.

And, of course, he completely glosses over how he and everyone else in the administration ignored intelligence before 9/11 that al qeada was planning attacks in the US.

And now, for some strange reason, the Republican party, the American Enterprise Institute and the media villagers think we should still listen to this man’s opinion about world affairs. I wouldn’t listen to his opinion about the color of orange juice.

Here’s a reminder of some of the lies and bullshit he and his cronies have spouted before:

Five deferment Dick makes his first appearance at 2:16. At 3:54, Bush does his hilarious bit about not being able to find wmd at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner — you know, the one that was classy and had all the villagers rolling in the aisles, unlike Stephen Colbert’s unwelcome snark or Wanda Sykes’ meanness. And at 4:57, an off camera passer by tells five deferment Dick during an interview what the vast majority of Americans think of him.

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