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The Party of Hypocrisy: the label Republicans (and some Democrats) deserve and that progressives must make stick

I wrote yesterday that progressives should turn the recent flurry of rightwing Republican hypocrisy into a long term narrative of double standards that comes to the forefront of everyone’s mind every single time they see, hear or think or Republicans and rightwingers of any affiliation.

This is certainly happening in response to the continuing over the top examples of hypocrisy and has been an ongoing project of some outlets.* However, as far as the larger message from progressives goes, the notion of Republicans and rightwingers as consummate general practitioners of hypocrisy has not been a recurring theme.

In fact, what is unusual about this particular moment when we are experiencing a surge in stories about Republican and rightwing hypocrisy is not that the level of such hypocrisy has increased, but only that the coverage of that hypocrisy has increased.

And if the past is any guide, this recent uptick will be temporary unless progressives make a concerted effort to keep it at the forefront of the national narrative.

If we know a well is poisoned, we know that any water from that well is not fit to drink. This was true yesterday. It is true today and it will be true tomorrow. Any water from that well, no matter how shiny and clean the bucket seems to be, cannot be trusted to be safe.

Progressives need to establish the fundamental belief that Republicans and rightwingers — of any or no affiliations — are water from the poisoned well of hypocrisy. In time, some Republicans who are not hypocrites might gain positions of influence in their party and will not deserve that label. But, as seems obvious, this is not the way things are today.

In the mean time, if we want to avoid another 8 or 16 years of Republican rule under the leadership of Palin, Beck, O’Reilly and Limbaugh, it is the job of progressives to ensure that there is a virtually hardwired link in the mind of every voter between Republicans and rightwingers and the general — and predictable — practice of unrestrained hypocrisy.

You can check out the full Gingrich from the Daily Show last night here.

* Note, of course, that this is by no means an exhaustive, let alone any where near complete, list of recent and ongoing efforts to document and archive Republican and rightwing hypocrisy. Please feel free to provide other examples in the comments if interested.

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Rationalizing hypocrisy and bad ideas: how to remind voters why they rejected the Republicans

The recent take downs of Palin and Limbaugh for their hypocrisy of use of the term “retard” are good models for how to counter such illogical positions. Colbert’s dissection of the double standard from last night’s show is one of the better ones I’ve seen.

The same is true for the weird rightwing jab that Obama is somehow dependent on teleprompters. This is gold for the committed rightwingers but leaves everybody else shaking their heads. Of course, Palin’s use of note cards during the speech and palm reading during the pre vetted Q&A session makes the hypocrisy even more evident, as does the defense of Palin for doing so.

Below are two examples of defense of these double standards from the commenters at redstate. Note that they seem completely oblivious to the cognitive dissonance they engage in. That is an artifact of hyper partisan speech that has completely left rationality behind.

But, while they might not see their own hypocrisy, it is glaringly obvious not only to those on the left, but also to any one who is not already a committed Obama hater mired in reactionary groupthink. The Dems need to remind independents of what they will be in store for if they vote for the current slate of rightwing Republicans as a means of protest.

They also need to remind them that, along with all the usual hypocrisy, come ideas like privatizing social security, ending medicare and declaring war on Iran.

Here are some redstaters defending Palin’s use of crib notes and giving Limbaugh a pass on the use of “retard.” Although it has to be said that not everyone over there is enamored of Palin and the author of this post criticized Palin’s hypocrisy over use of term, labeling his post “Sarah blew it,” which drew these as the first two comments:

you are WRONG, she answered him perfectly on that question….
JadedByPolitics Tuesday, February 9th at 5:11AM EST (link)
because Rush was doing it satirically did you hear him or did you pick up your talking points from Media Matters? BTW when you live by the PC code you will die by the PC and that is what she made Rahm do and for that she is CORRECT!

I suspect in a debate with The idiot and his Teleprompter she and her palm would SMACK him around. Sarah Palin hit is out of the park in the past week at advancing Conservative Values as she had the entirety of the LEFTIST media watching her every word and of course then there are those like YOU who want to batter her as well but so be it because she is STILL STANDING and what she is saying is gaining traction in America and when the populace likes what they hear they vote OUT Democrats!

Without his TOTUS Obambi is a bumbling idiot
nessa Tuesday, February 9th at 5:19AM EST (link)
he is barely capable with the damn thing. Soon it will be whispering in his ear so he doesn’t screw up corpsman or some other equally difficult word. The tingler and the rest of the lame stream media praise his ability as an orator, but like the rest of obambi’s history, there is nothing to back that up. An orator can speak without the TOTUS, Obambi is reduced to a mumbling idiot without his. I’d rather write an entire speech on my hand than rely upon the TOTUS and the words of the man behind the curtain that feed the great and powerful Oz.

Again, their double standard is invisible to them but is shockingly obvious to everyone else. We need to remind voters that this hypocrisy is not just a fodder for jokes but is emblematic of their entire approach to governing and campaigning.

For a while the Party of No was a good counter to the rightwing Republicans. We should now change that to the Party of Hypocrisy. These issues will stick in people’s mind and make it that much easier for them to see the hypocrisy that is so rife in so much else of what the rightwingers and Republicans preach to the rest of us.

An added benefit is that, as is seen on this thread and elsewhere, such blatant adherence to double standards also drives a wedge between various factions even of the redstate community. This is even more true of the broader rightwing Republican coalition.


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Democrats will probably apologize for Limbaugh’s anti semitism

The major voice of the rightwing is in the news for this kind of bad crazy:

Rush: He’s assaulting bankers. He’s assaulting money people. And a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there’s starting to be some buyer’s remorse there.

Then he says the ADL should apologize to him:

Calling for Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to apologize to him, Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed that he was referring only to what “Jew-haters” believe when he made comments about Jewish people on Wall Street. In fact, while Limbaugh did discuss what he said people with prejudice believe, he also clearly stated — as fact and in his own voice — that “a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there’s starting to be some buyer’s remorse there.”

At the same time, the Democratss appear to be considering dropping the pre existing conditions safety for people over 19.

This leads to the inevitable question: why are the Dems, every hour on the hour, shooting themselves in their feet? Why, when the opposition is led by troglodytes like Limbaugh, are they seemingly incapable of getting out their message?

I’ve been thinking about the ludicrously bad job they have been doing on propagating their message. A lot of the Republicans’ success is down to structural issues: the corporate media likes their positions much better and most journalists are either completely on board or play along because they’ve become accustomed to their paychecks.

But, despite its status as the sole official news source, nobody in the USSR was buying what Pravda was selling. Progressives could be a great avenue to get around the misinformation put out by the rightwing Republicans and their corporate bosses.

However, the Democrats have so neutered their actual policies that progressives are not feeling inclined to carry any of their water. This is not the first time this pattern has been enacted, which leads to another inevitable question: is this what the Democrats want?

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Obama, NFL fight obesity, rightwingers freak

The ever rational rightwingers are outraged that Obama is turning the NFL into a cadre of revolutionary marxists bent on oppressing kid’s god given right to obesity and diabetes.

From the NFL:

President Barack Obama will join Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware in a special public service announcement debuting during each of the three NFL games played on Thanksgiving. The 90-second PSA is a joint effort of the NFL’s PLAY 60 campaign, a leaguewide effort to fight childhood obesity by getting kids active for 60 minutes a day, and United We Serve, the President’s initiative encouraging all Americans to participate in community service. The spot will continue airing throughout the rest of the season in a shorter format.

From a commenter at Trike Force HQ*:

American Experience
lukematthews Friday, November 27th at 12:50PM EST (link)
has got his Dumbo-eared visage at the beginning of every show as well. His goofy, I’m gonna-eat-you grin is so omnipresent as to be the Big Brother nightmare scenario. When I saw that NFL thing, I exclaimed, “Good God! Has he no decency.” My family laughed. [Emphasis added]

Yes, equating Obama teaming up with sports figures in an effort to fight childhood obesity to the paranoid reactionary Joseph McCarthy is particularly witty. Who says rightwingers and Republicans can’t do humor.

*Fear them:

(from Sadly, No! Click for link)

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Pelosi’s husband buys football team, Limbaugh and rightwingers will not be amused

Obviously, this headline from the Huffington Post is destined to cause some on the right to complain about double standards.

click image for link to story

click for link to story

The story links to a Washington Post report. Here’s a screen grab of some of the thoughtful objections it has inspired.

click to go straight to comments

click image to go straight to comments

This poster spices his faux misplaced outrage with some misogyny and anti latino bigotry, but he’s a ‘patriot’ so it’s okay.

As a commenter on the Huffington Post thread notes, Rush and a whole lot of people on the right are going to be quite irate about this on Monday. But, that’s still a day and a half away. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from them about this well before then.

Their general hatred for Pelosi is of immense proportion. Their collective freak out over this is going to be a spectacle…

Update: In keeping with today’s theme of screen grabs, here’s one from the redstate post and comment thread I linked to in my last post. It’s in reaction to a story claiming that the lyricist from Black Eyed Peas is buying an ownership share of a team.

click image for link to redstate post and comments

click image for link to redstate post and comments

Aside from the hilarity and stunning lack of irony of the title, it’s also an indication of the reaction to Pelosi owning a team. I mean, we’re talking about a blond white woman in a rap group with black guys.

Despite the ancient fear and loathing that arrangement brings up, the reaction to Pelosi’s husband owning a football team will still probably be many orders of magnitude greater.

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Rush Limbaugh has made plenty of racist comments

Nate silver notes that some of the comments attributed to Limbaugh are not sourced and that, further, the alleged quotes are so egregious that if they were real, there would certainly be recordings of them.

If we don’t have recordings, then we should not attribute the comments to Limbaugh. That said, as Silver also notes, Limbaugh has uttered a sadly long list of racist comments that are documented beyond a doubt. Stick to the verifiable awfulness.

Predictably, the redstaters are in high dudgeon over this.

I like the boycott ideas above …
Joe_Cor Thursday, October 15th at 8:28AM EDT (link)
but how about extending past a week or two to forever. Go mow the lawn or read a book or paint a picture or any of 1000 different things you could do than watch the NFL in person or on TV. We can all live without it. Maybe a group of investors will come up with an old-fashioned, American version of pro football and we can watch that when it comes along. [Emphasis added]

As many of the other comments in this dreadful thread make clear, the “old fashioned, American version of pro football” the commenter pines for would be, much like the Republican party and teabagging parties, very very very white.

But by calling them racist, I am of course exposing myself as the true racist.

Update: Of course, this pic, part of the signature of a commenter on the thread, isn’t racist at all…
redstate nfl  prisoners

Also, just for fun, try to decide if this commenter is genuine or a troll engaging in a little parody…

Well if you have had enough do something
reginagroves424 Thursday, October 15th at 1:17AM EDT (link)
I am a woman but I enjoy football.
My favorite is Basketball now I must admit my passion is NCAA Basketball and March Maddness and I enjoy College footballI do not like pro ball period.
They are over payed and really underestimated .
I see everyone complaining but I don’t see much movement I would Boycott the NFL let Sharpton and Jackson fill the seats and watch the TV let the liberals support them the same way with Actors they get bunches for low B movies I haven’t seen many good movies lately,but we still support them.
Quit buying there tickets boycott their sponsers shut off the TV watch a movie play a Video but quit giving them the power to control you you won’t die from lack of high payed competition and it serves you no purpose go to a little league ball game heck the have more action and fun.
They have nailed Rush from fulfilling his dreams and with the taxes and the limitation coming to our freedoms and our Childrens when is enough enough .
People talk about abused Women and they can’t understand why they keep going back for more well people some places have shelters for them where is the American people goin for shelter.
The next one they will go after is BECK because he don’t give a rats ass and will go till he can’t go because they are backdooring the freedom Act and are goin to shut radio down the it will be true communist we will get what the Liberals are giving us now Lies so when is enough enough and if people can control us like Jackson and Sharpton who’s the racist now I am tired of being called a racist when they are the racist and because they are Black they are Using it as a race card I don’t care what color they are heck the Senate is all white but Burris now whos Racist when is enough enough.
When is the repubs and the Conservatives goin to quit talking and start taking action get on the wire tell every one to shutdown the NFL for two weeks don’t buy their season tickets boycott their games do something this could be you heck if they get the Health care bill goin it will be you



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redstate in damage control mode over cheering olympics not coming to US

Erick Erickson must be feeling some pressure over all the joy he and other redstaters felt and expressed with unbridled passion because the Olympics won’t take place in the US in 2016.

Responding to and article about Democrats charging that Republicans and right wingers are “rooting against America” at Politico, he pens a defense of rooting for failure.

(Click here if the video doesn’t work)

While I am not in the least surprised that so many right wingers and Republicans feel this way, I am perplexed as to why they have absolutely no qualms about publicly engaging in such orgiastic joy over this.

Do they honestly believe this kind of behavior will win people over to their cause? Are they in such ecstatic joy over what they perceive as an Obama defeat that they are incapable of understanding how such behavior will be perceived? Do they care?

These people are over the edge. Not only have they long ago abandoned any pretense of making contructive contributions to the discourse, they have made a final, terminal commitment to abandoning any shred of rationality.

And in discarding all claims to rationality so whole heartedly and with such perplexing enthusiasm, they are quickly — and surely — abandoning whatever hopes they may have once had of returning from the political netherworld.

They are operating from a 90’s model in which they think they can get away with spreading lies and speaking out of two sides of their mouths to the party base and more mainstream audiences

Again — yet again — they do not get the archive. Their words, and often their actions, are being recorded and will not go down the memory hole. They, literally, do not know what they’re doing.

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